Event Companies in the UAE – Helping You Select the Most Suitable Venue for Your Live Event

3Do you have an upcoming event in Abu Dhabi? Are you currently looking for a place to hold such event? Whether you are preparing for a school play or a concert, the venue is a crucial factor to consider. Live entertainment such as plays or concerts usually take place at big, spacious venues. However, venue is not all about space.

Seasoned event companies in the UAE will tell you that there are at least 3 things you should think about to make sure you choose the best suitable venue for your live event.


  1. Think about the capacity and the size of the stage.

You should at least know the maximum number of your expected visitors. More established and more popular events will surely need bigger venue to ensure your audience are seated safely and comfortably.

Check that the stage can be configured to meet your event’s requirements. Make sure there is enough space for your equipment as well as for your performers.

  1. Think about the technical requirements of your event. 1

Technical requirements will usually include sound, lights, and engineering. Make sure all of these can be accommodated by your chosen venue.

  1. Think about customer service.

Providing excellent customer service experience is another integral part of any performance. Make sure your venue can provide the same to your spectators.

Aside from providing accessible meals and refreshments, your venue must also include a certain area for box office or door sales. This way, your last-minute visitors are able to buy tickets at the door during the day of the concert.

To learn more about event planning, go to this page.

How To Achieve Success With A Recruitment Business Set Up

1-usedFor many HR professionals, starting their own recruitment firm will be the culmination of their dreams. With their own company, they will be able to help people who are looking for better employment opportunities and firms that are also on the lookout for new talent. Of course, the compensation and incentives they will receive is something can be quite promising and motivating, too.

Starting A Recruitment Business

Although this is a dream worth looking forward to, it will come with a lot of hard work and challenges. Leading consultants share some tips below for entrepreneurs who need tips with their first recruitment business set up:

1. Make sure you have the right amount of relevant experience. Most recruitment firms are established by individuals or groups who are already working in the business. This is because they’ve seen what goes on behind the scenes, have learned a few tricks, made great contacts, and know how to make new ones. As such, before you decide to establish your recruitment business, think about the gaps in your own knowledge and experience and find ways to fill them.

2. Establish and work towards clear and concise goals. In general, businesses do better when they create targets and consistently measure how well they perform against them. This is because objectives bring focus to what business owners are doing and help them to understand what works and what needs to be changed. As such, take the time to write down your goals for your business and use them as a guide in all the steps you will take.

trusted consultancy firm for recruitment companies3. Know the law. Running and managing your own recruitment agency means you will have to be responsible for almost everything, including the rules and codes of practice governing your line of business. These include workers’ regulations and codes of conduct regarding employment agencies. Not being familiar with these rules can have negative effects on your company now and in the future.

4. Make sure you have sufficient working capital. With recruitment agencies, there is likely to be a two to three-month gap between issuing your first invoice and getting it paid. This is particularly true today, particularly if your clients are larger organisations. Recruitment business owners usually use invoice finance because it is an effective and reliable way to bridge the gap between sending out a big bill and getting it paid.

5. Lastly, develop an organised method of working. Much of a recruitment agency’s performance depends greatly on how well they manage data. Start with coming up with and following a good system on how to carefully maintain and access candidates’ CVs, job specifications, communication logs, and client contracts.

About the Author:

Chad Michaels is a recruitment business advisor. He recommends getting more tips about recruitment business set up on the website of SSG.

Tips For Attracting Consumers Using Food & Beverage Labels

Labeling ServicesToday, there are plenty of food and beverage products in the market, and your offerings might be sitting with them on a shelf. Of course, you would want your brand to stand out. You surely would want to catch consumer’s attention. Instead of hiring a promotional talent that offers samples to shoppers, it would be a smart idea for you to boost your product labels as this can call buyer attention. In fact, experts say that your product label is the most direct approach to achieving engagement, catching interest, and getting a purchase.

Efficient Ways Of Grabbing Consumer Attention With Food & Beverage Labels

Product LabellingUse attractive graphics to your product as well as brand – Graphics won’t only get attention from afar but also boost the appeal of your brand. However, it must be very relevant to your overall image as well as to your product. You need to utilize tasteful images or perhaps graphics that will effectively convey what your food and beverage can do along with the benefits they can give.

Emphasize nutritional information or special ingredients – Plenty of clients today are becoming health conscious. Oftentimes, they demand a great deal from different food and beverage products. As a business owner, your customized labels must be capable of satisfying such demands. Be aware that if you highlight any special ingredient or important nutritional information, you are efficiently catering to the needs of your clients. Also, you comply with the rules and regulations of the industry.

Use a unique die-cut – Due to the fact that your products will be displayed along with the rest of the items on the shelf, it would be a wise idea for you to use customized die-cut labels. Bear in mind that labeling solutions don’t always have to conform.

Product Label CompanyChoose the right material – Since more and more companies are also hiring the services of product label companies, you need to choose material which will set your product distinguishable from all the other products on any shelf. For instance, you must consider the lighting in any store. Think of how you can use it to your advantage. Experts say that you can explore using shiny materials or fluorescent inks.

Come up with a different label for limited edition products – You may come up with special batches for your products. From vintage wine bottles to chocolate bars created for charities, your special products can actually entice more clients with different numbering as well as labeling. Because of their exclusivity, these can appeal to lots of shoppers.

Opt for superior quality, damage-resistant labels – Shoppers will surely pass by a damaged label, and choose better-looking product from your competitors.

Mishandling during shipping, transportation, and stocking may happen. Thus, investing in quality product labeling services which will stay strong at any stage is a smart idea.

How To Properly Manage Your Working Capital

Working Capital ManagementYou will be in need of more working capital as your business grows. This is the money your business needs to function. If you do not have enough, your business will certainly fail. Today, many businesses are forced to shut down since they are not capable of paying off their short term debts if they are due already. It is for this reason that it is very crucial for you to employ efficient working capital management strategies.

Most businesses apply for a loan in order to finance their growth. Be aware that financial institutions will decide if you are eligible for the loan you are applying for based on the credit worthiness of your business.

Credit Worthiness – What Is It?

This is determined by 2 main factors – the existence and extent of your collateral, and the liquidity of your business. These are reflected on your balance sheet. To determine the working capital of your business, get the different between your assets and your liabilities. Creditors will look into this difference along with your working capital for them to get an idea of how capable you are in paying your bills.

Your working capital is your investment in current assets – these include cash, inventory, marketable securities, and accounts receivable. On the other hand, your current liabilities are your accrued expenses, your near-term portion of loan due, and your accounts payable. Your net working capital is the difference between your current assets and your current liabilities. The term “current” will mean that they must be liquidated within the period of one business cycle, which is usually a year.

The Importance Of Working Capital Management

Manage Your Working CapitalProper management of your working capital is very important for the success and growth of your business. This will involve the decision you will make when it comes to working capital and short-term financing. Also, this is all about managing the relationship between your short term assets and liabilities. Its main aim is to make sure that you are capable of continuing your business operations with sufficient cash flow in order to meet your upcoming expenses.

Efficient working capital management is characterized by your ability to convert your assets into cash, which you will use to pay off your bills. “Liquidity” is the term used to describe the ease with which you can do this. It is greatly influenced by the rate at which your accounts receivable and inventory can be transformed into outright cash. Be aware that a higher ratio of assets to liabilities will mean better liquidity.

Financial specialists at HSBC highly emphasized that without excellent working capital management, your business is sure to fail, regardless of how much money is started out with.

Things To Consider When Setting Up A New Business

eToday, more and more people are starting to venture into a new business for many different reasons. One of the main reasons is because they want to grow their finances. Although setting up a new business is not really a guarantee for financial growth, it is always a smart move to take risks especially these days when working alone is no longer sufficient to provide for the needs of the whole family.

Planning to set up a new business is not that easy, though. There are some things to consider to ensure growth and success. Check out the following tips from business experts.

  • Assess yourself. Since not everyone is actually business-minded, you need to evaluate yourself to check if you have the traits of a business man and to see if you can actually learn and adapt the typical traits of an entrepreneur.
  • Think of a business that you are passionate about. This is really effective because if you are passionate about something, you can work well and develop great ideas to improve your business. Having the passion for a certain business is one key to success.
  • Identify your market. In any business, identifying the market is very important. No matter how great you think your products and services are, you will still be unsuccessful if you do not have enough market keep your business running.
  • Know the cost and set the right budget. Do your research and determine the costs of your business. Find out the standard costs of your business needs and requirements. Once this step is done, go ahead and set the right budget. This includes the budget for creating a marketing plan. You can also discuss this with your investors.
  • Secure permits. This is very important and one of the first things that you need to do before starting the operations. In every place, there are different permits and licenses to secure, so make sure that you know those in your area.
  • Choose the right people. With the right people to work for you, the tasks will be a lot easier. So if you are all set with your business plans, make sure that you also take part in choosing the right people for your business.

It really takes courage, determination and the right plan to set up a new business. These tips are only used to guide you and help you make the right moves.

Temperature Controlled Packaging And Its Role In The Cold Chain Process

temperature controlled packagingThe smallest change in temperature could cause problems to products especially those that are perishable or those that are considered chemical products. When this happens, your company’s reliability could be compromised. Your reputation could be in danger too when this happens and your intellectual property could easily go to waste. The common type of product that is usually compromised in terms of quality is food products. If these products lose their water source, it could be expected that they could go bad immediately after being pulled from the ground. This only shows how important the storage system is in the cold chain process.

Temperature controlled packaging is a vital part of the chain process. It keeps the quality of the products intact, whether it’s a perishable good or pharmaceutical product. Being exposed to a steady amount of temperature enables these products to achieve the best quality. A lot of products are very temperature sensitive, which is why temperature packaging should be given importance. Every stage is vital in keeping a constant temperature – from the first stage up to the very last stage. When a temperature fluctuation happens, quality could surely be compromised.

temperature controlled packagingIn the cold chain process, every stage is important. Each stage should be solid and unbreakable to ensure that the process undergoes a solid procedure. When the environment provides a constant and controlled environment, the products can travel from one stage to another with ease. No compromise is done and not ill effects can be experienced. In terms of packaging, there are other items that can help preserve the right temperature; to name a few: gel packs, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen.

Dry ice is one of the common solutions in shipping chilled goods. It’s good for maintaining the right temperature when sensitive products are being transported. Shippers as well as recipients are required to be extra cautious when handling such products because it is considered hazardous. This is the same reason why alternatives have been provided when shipping goods. Gel packs are one of those that work well in keeping a constant temperature for frozen goods, but compared to dry ice, the latter is still preferred by many.

Insulation, another important part of the process that needs to be paid attention to, requires polyurethane foam or a Styrofoam. These containers maintain temperature up to 6 days. These too have different designs, but standards should be met to ensure that they are very reliable.

Different Credits Cards Offered In UAE

The Best Credit CardThe use of credit cards has some pros and cons. Some people say that the use of such is bad while others say it is very helpful. Most experts will actually say that this will greatly depend on how the person will make use of it. If you are living in UAE and you would want to apply for a credit card, know that you have lots of options.

Credit Card Options

World Master Card – This credit card option is specially designed for most distinguished clients. It actually promises to open up a world of unique experience along with exciting privileges for the holder. This is only offered to a certain group of VIPs. It comes with plenty of rewards and benefits that will certainly be your gateway in exploring your life to the fullest.

Visa Infinite – This credit card option is meant to serve the specialized needs of most discerning clients. It will actually empower you with higher spending power, financial flexibility, customized services, and exclusive privileges. It offers full multi-trip travel insurance, purchase protection and extended warranty, and many more.

MasterCard Gold – This credit card option will provide you with greater spending power, ability to earn exclusive rewards, and worldwide acceptance. With this card, you can actually enjoy plenty of exciting benefits with every purchase you make.

Other credit cards offered in UAE will include Visa Signature, Visa Classic, and e-Tijari Web Card. You can learn more info regarding these different credit cards at www.cbd.ae.