Event Companies in the UAE – Helping You Select the Most Suitable Venue for Your Live Event

3Do you have an upcoming event in Abu Dhabi? Are you currently looking for a place to hold such event? Whether you are preparing for a school play or a concert, the venue is a crucial factor to consider. Live entertainment such as plays or concerts usually take place at big, spacious venues. However, venue is not all about space.

Seasoned event companies in the UAE will tell you that there are at least 3 things you should think about to make sure you choose the best suitable venue for your live event.


  1. Think about the capacity and the size of the stage.

You should at least know the maximum number of your expected visitors. More established and more popular events will surely need bigger venue to ensure your audience are seated safely and comfortably.

Check that the stage can be configured to meet your event’s requirements. Make sure there is enough space for your equipment as well as for your performers.

  1. Think about the technical requirements of your event. 1

Technical requirements will usually include sound, lights, and engineering. Make sure all of these can be accommodated by your chosen venue.

  1. Think about customer service.

Providing excellent customer service experience is another integral part of any performance. Make sure your venue can provide the same to your spectators.

Aside from providing accessible meals and refreshments, your venue must also include a certain area for box office or door sales. This way, your last-minute visitors are able to buy tickets at the door during the day of the concert.

To learn more about event planning, go to this page.


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