Temperature Controlled Packaging And Its Role In The Cold Chain Process

temperature controlled packagingThe smallest change in temperature could cause problems to products especially those that are perishable or those that are considered chemical products. When this happens, your company’s reliability could be compromised. Your reputation could be in danger too when this happens and your intellectual property could easily go to waste. The common type of product that is usually compromised in terms of quality is food products. If these products lose their water source, it could be expected that they could go bad immediately after being pulled from the ground. This only shows how important the storage system is in the cold chain process.

Temperature controlled packaging is a vital part of the chain process. It keeps the quality of the products intact, whether it’s a perishable good or pharmaceutical product. Being exposed to a steady amount of temperature enables these products to achieve the best quality. A lot of products are very temperature sensitive, which is why temperature packaging should be given importance. Every stage is vital in keeping a constant temperature – from the first stage up to the very last stage. When a temperature fluctuation happens, quality could surely be compromised.

temperature controlled packagingIn the cold chain process, every stage is important. Each stage should be solid and unbreakable to ensure that the process undergoes a solid procedure. When the environment provides a constant and controlled environment, the products can travel from one stage to another with ease. No compromise is done and not ill effects can be experienced. In terms of packaging, there are other items that can help preserve the right temperature; to name a few: gel packs, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen.

Dry ice is one of the common solutions in shipping chilled goods. It’s good for maintaining the right temperature when sensitive products are being transported. Shippers as well as recipients are required to be extra cautious when handling such products because it is considered hazardous. This is the same reason why alternatives have been provided when shipping goods. Gel packs are one of those that work well in keeping a constant temperature for frozen goods, but compared to dry ice, the latter is still preferred by many.

Insulation, another important part of the process that needs to be paid attention to, requires polyurethane foam or a Styrofoam. These containers maintain temperature up to 6 days. These too have different designs, but standards should be met to ensure that they are very reliable.


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