Why Supa-Trac Is Among The Most Sought-After Stadium Flooring Options Today

Planning An EventSupa-Trac is a panel system that can indeed handle a lot of different jobs. The Supa-Trac portable flooring as well as roadway system is considered a sophisticated, quick deploy panel system that features high quality turf protection, safe pedestrian, and equipment or vehicle access.

Reasons For Using Supa-Trac As A Stadium Flooring Solution

Speed – The Supa-Trac is very fast and easy to install. All you have to do is to lay a sheet next to another and step on the seam. The panels will certainly be snapped together solidly. A locking clip will secure the system’s joints.

Durability – The Supa-Trac are actually designed for durability and strength. The joints are heavy and when locked together, the weight of the load will be spread evenly to all adjoining panels. In turn, this will increase the load capacity of every panel exponentially. Know that the Supa-Trac can easily be configured in lots of ways in order to meet your specific needs.

Turf Protection – If you choose to use Supa-Trac as your stadium flooring solution, you need not to worry about heavy foot traffic and easy equipment access. Know that every panel will have an open bottom and 100 aeration slots per square foot – this will actually allow air, water, and light to reach the turf.

Certainly, Supa-Trac provides lots of benefits. And this is the main reason why it is regarded as one of the most preferred stadium flooring options these days. For more info, check out nofusseventhire.com.au.


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