Various Set Up Options For A Meeting Room Or Serviced Office Space In London

By Suzanne Rackeou – Content Resource from

One of the important considerations in making a meeting productive and successful is the layout of the room. Know that there are a couple of set up options you can look into so you can achieve such goal. You have to understand that a successful meeting means all participants have understood what is being talked about. In case there are issues that must be resolved, attendees provide their own opinions on how to efficiently deal with the issues. You will know that one has understood a certain discussion if he or she participates in the conversations. Knowing the different layout or set up options will help you in setting up a meeting room or serviced office space. London experts from Office Space In Town highly emphasized that every attendee must every participant must have similar experience through the meeting – what other sees must also be seen by the others.

Different Set Up Options

Theater Style – Rows of chairs are facing the front of the room which is usually divided by center and side aisles. This kind of set up will maximize the use of meeting room space. This indeed works well if the audience will need to take minimal notes or if the presentation will take 2 hours or less.

More Info HereConference Style – This style will provide lots of workspace for every attendee and excellent communication lines for every participant. Conference tables are actually clustered in the center of the room in order to form a solid surface. The chairs are then placed around the perimeter of the tables. It is great for small brainstorming sessions.

Herringbone – This will work best if the meeting is an informal type of presentation. The presenter provides the information with several conversations with the audience. This styel will indeed create a more enclosed type of feel for both the presenter and audience.

Hollow Square – This is achieved if conference tables are placed in a rectangular outline with open space in the middle. The chairs are place around the perimeter of the square. Similar to the conference style, this style is likewise best for small brainstorming sessions.

U-Shape – Conference table are placed end to end in the room in order to form a U shape. The chairs will be placed around the outside of the U. This is usually used during small group conversations.

Certainly, there are plenty of ways on how you can set up the chairs, tables, audio-visual equipment, fixtures and others within a room in order to make it productive and functional. The main goal is to make every attendee feel comfortable and become participative. Other ways on how to improve your business are provided here.


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