Business Service Quality: Taking It Up A Notch

rev upToday’s business industry has a very strict competition when it comes to products and services sales. Although a little competition can be healthy as it can drastically build your business into something well-known, it can also be both costly and tragic, given that you or your business isn’t up to compete neck and neck with others in your particular business or industry.

How you can handle the competition that will pave way to the success or failure of your company.

Note that sales professionals will always be ready to present different sales technique when selling a service rather than a product. As an owner of a business, one can easily increase or improve their marketing results by simply understanding the advantages of excellent services over products, so you must learn how to improve your service quality to create a firm footing in the competition.

How? The following is a list of steps to help you improve business service quality.

1. Lend ears to your customers – be sure to listen to them and ask what you can do to help them. Being able to listen and cater to your customer’s need is the most important step in preventing problems and at the same time, leaving great impression to your customer.

2. Problems and complains are opportunities to improve – problems and misunderstandings are something inevitable. What you need to do is to aim to resolve these complaints as quickly and efficient as possible. As the saying goes, “learn from your mistake.”

3. Motivation is key – motivate your employees. One of the best ways to do this is by establishing an environment where excellent services provided is recognized and rewarded while poor service is challenged and rectified.

4. Frequent general assembly and weekly fun staff meetings – every employee can be a component to good service so having a weekly fun staff meetings where everybody gets the chance to provide input on what they think is good service element for your consideration, and provide assemblies where you can have them undergo a mini training in providing excellent services.

5. Each and every one is part of success – you need to understand that success is the combined effort of every department of your business from top to bottom. So be sure that your employee feels that they are an important part of your success.

6. Inspire your employees – lead by example. Show every person at any level of your company respect and inspire them by being someone they can look up to – a good leader and an excellent and ethical businessman.

7. Draw a big smile in your employee’s face and make them want to come to work with great gratitude – providing competitive wages to ease them of their daily expenses or to help them live comfortably in the area will be a good start. The customer service industry is continually increasing and flourishing but with poor pay and the jobs usually are pretty difficult. By providing your employees with decent wage, it’s a clear statement that you truly care for them.



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